Buying Advice – Best Stroller For Baby

by Zobaer Haque Ehsanul
Buying Advice - Best Stroller For Baby

Your baby can get more sleeping hours if you get a stroller because he or she wouldn’t be disturbed by your movements.

Carrying your baby can expose him or her to risks like bumping things on a corner, bending yourself grasping tightly on him that he’s cushioned, and bare him or her to the rain and sunlight. A baby stroller is a safer environment for your child to be in.

Of course, when you carry your baby with you, you need to have a bag of important stuff ready. This bag contains your child’s needs like milk, diaper, and your personal items. Fortunately, some stroller models accommodate a basket for your things.

Strolling with your baby can get you back to shape and a quality bonding time for both of you. The child will explore more of the world will be delighted. However, if you increase the intensity of your exercise to a jog, it would be forceful for your baby. Luckily, there are specialized models for running and jogging that have suspension systems that can shield him or her from impacts.


There are a lot of them in the market today, and it’s your duty to know each of them and judge what would be suitable for you and your partner. Before proceeding to the tips in selecting the right stroller, it is a must that you must first learn the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages for each type of best stroller for baby listed.


  1. Traditional Stroller

Also called a standard stroller or full-size stroller, it is a versatile gear that you can use when your baby is an infant until he reaches a certain age where he won’t need to be pushed in a carriage anymore. This type of stroller offers ample seat space, big storage space, and maneuverable wheels. Some models of this type have bassinets to fully reclining seats that are adjustable as your child gets bigger. Some models also have car seats so you can easily transport your baby from the car to this foldable stroller.

This type works well in almost all conditions and easy to maneuver when you’re on a busy road. When you buy this type, it’s for long term basis, and you may not need to buy a new one anymore because it’s very sturdy and can cater to almost all purposes like providing a canopy, basket storage for your stuff, and a cup holder to hold your cold Frappuccino.

The downside to the traditional stroller is its weight. It’s generally heavier than an umbrella stroller, and the portability may be a problem in crowded areas. Due to being full-size, it may consume all of your trunk space.


Standard Stroller

 Standard Stroller
  1. Convenience Stroller

Think of this as a smaller size of the traditional stroller while being heavier than the baby umbrella stroller. Like a full-size stroller, it has some essential features like a canopy, storage, and reclining seat. You can carry your baby with you when doing errands and shopping because this type is ideal for traveling and long walks.

However, one thing that differs this to the full-size stroller is that it only has a reclining seat that can only support kids over six months. It won’t be a stroller for an infant because it doesn’t have a bassinet that the baby could lie on his back. Another thing is; since it’s smaller, the seat space for your little one could be limited.

Convenience StrollerConvenience Stroller

  1. Umbrella Stroller

It is called a baby umbrella stroller based on its handles that are a curved shape, mimicking an umbrella handle. They are really lightweight at less than twelve pounds and folds very easily with just one hand. Essential features of an umbrella stroller include durability, a fully reclining seat for babies who can already sit up. Indeed, it is a perfect stroller for your quick trips and a smooth shift from car to stroller for the baby.

It is distinguished as the cheapest stroller in the market today some models include reclining seats that are suitable for a baby over six months old. However, you must be aware that the size of this stroller can be compact for some bigger infants and may not be able to provide the most comfortable ride. For this type of stroller, there won’t be room for storage, and you don’t want to hang your bag on the handles so it won’t tip the stroller over because of the weight.

Baby Umbrella StrollerUmbrella Stroller


  1. Car Seat Frame Stroller

This cheap stroller is a good alternative to make your infant car seat into a stroller so you won’t disturb your child’s sleep when he’s sleeping. The stroller itself is only a frame, and the car seat is inserted and locked in place. Other than that, this stroller is very lightweight and folds quickly and easily. You can push around this stroller when you do errands or do some shopping. Since it’s lightweight, the maneuverability is easy, and you can face your baby when you push the carriage.

When your baby becomes too big for the infant car seat, you may need another stroller because there would be no room to accommodate your offspring’s growing body.

Car Seat Frame Stroller
Car Seat Frame Stroller


  1. Travel System Stroller

Once you finished reading this, you’ll be impressed by how the travel system may be of use to you. The main advantage of this carriage is that it’s an all-purpose stroller for your young! It’s like a full-size stroller, but you can snap the infant car seat into place so that you won’t wake him. Then, the travel system can accommodate your young until he grows to be a toddler: it’s like getting an infant stroller and a toddler stroller in one purchase.

Though this may be on the expensive side, its durability is on the peak. Since this is for children until four years old, it has a fully-reclining seat that can be adjusted to a more comfortable position. You can do walks and bring your baby with you in a local neighborhood or when you’re driving to a nearby shopping area.

Travel system stroller can be bulky because of its size and a word of caution – they might not last for an extended period or until your toddler won’t need to use it anymore.

Travel System Stroller
Travel System Stroller


  1. Jogging Stroller

It’s the ideal type for an active parent that likes to jog outdoors. Its design was specially engineered so you won’t bump with the stroller’s frame when you run. Also, because it’s more of an outdoor type, it’s equipped with wheels filled with air for shock absorption. You won’t risk your baby to be separated from you because it has brakes on the handlebar and the bottom side of your foot. The tethered strap will keep your hand attached to the stroller if you ever lost your balance.

One thing that differs from this type from other types is that it only has three wheels. The only front wheel is fixed to be good in being stable but can be lesser in maneuverability on smooth and rough surfaces. Don’t be discouraged, though, as some models could allow the front swivel to rotate for better maneuverability. Some models have a suspension that absorbs shock when you bump on uneven surfaces especially in a dirt road.

You can do daily exercises with your baby until he becomes a toddler because this stroller can take on weight until fifty pounds! This stroller won’t be suitable for little one under six months old since it’s not a fully-reclining seat. Also because of its size, it is heavy and may not fit into your trunk. Be conscious of those air-filled bicycle tires, though, as they can go flat.

Jogging Stroller
Jogging Stroller



  1. Side by Side Double Stroller

If you have twins or more, and you want to set them beside each other, these strollers for twins might be for you. This type has a single frame (four wheels) or two strollers together (six wheels). The design makes your stroller wide and could be tight when passing through doorways. However, curbs are easily maneuvered than the other type to be presented later. This type makes your children interact more with each other and see more of the environment because their whole front is an open space.

Sid by Side Double Stroller
Side by Side Double Stroller


  1. Tandem Double Stroller

This tandem stroller was designed so the babies can be arranged vertically. One seat will be directly behind the front seat or make them face each other. Tandem double stroller can pass as a single stroller with its width, but the length is, of course, twice the length of the single stroller but you can still pass through doorways quickly than the side by side double stroller.

Depending on the model, you can make both babies sit at the same height or have them seated with one’s seat height higher than the front. Some models may feature detachable car seats and reclining seats. However, maneuverability for this type can be difficult when you take corners because of twice the length of a standard single stroller and the heavier weight. Your baby at the rearmost may be feeling cramped because he might not have enough legroom. Though this is foldable, you would find it difficult to fit into your trunk.

Tandem Double Stroller
Tandem Double Stroller



  1. Safety

Indeed, this is an essential aspect of picking the right stroller for baby and you. You don’t want to put bags on the handle and worry that they might tip over, so you need stability. Because babies could be energetic, they may squirm in their seats so you will need safety harnesses. The safest harness for your child right now is the five-point harness system that connects the straps on both shoulders, waist, and both legs to the center of gravity. This secures the baby from tipping over and when they move a lot.

When your stroller is foldable, the locking mechanisms should always be tested and lock in place, so the risk of accidentally collapsing is nil. The wheel brakes should also be constantly observed and must work properly.

  1. Age Range

Depending on the youngster’s age, the stage where he lies down or sits is different. Some strollers are only for 0 – 6 months old, stroller for six months above, and stroller from infancy to toddler stage.

For 0 – 6 months babies, the seats should be fully reclined. They need to lie down because their necks aren’t strong enough to support their heads. The specific terminology that is associated with infants is a bassinet wherein the surface is flat. Through this, head and neck injury to the still-developing child will be avoided.

  1. Activity

The stroller that you’d want to purchase should fit your daily activities. If you’re just at home and like to walk in your suburbs, a full-size stroller is a good choice and won’t pose too many hindrances. If you drive a lot, and strolling comes next, you’d want a stroller that the car seat could be inserted into. So, consider a travel system stroller or a lightweight carriage like the baby umbrella stroller.

Outdoor type parents who are athletic would obviously choose the jogger stroller because of its wheels that make the stroller very maneuverable at any terrain. However, you must remember that if it’s running, no stroller should be used unless it’s a jogger type. Only this type is designed for running.

  1. Storage basket

Others have this feature and others don’t. Both sizes and depths vary. Most strollers for six months has little storage baskets. Depending on your activity, you may want it to be bigger to store your groceries and other stuff. If there’s no storage basket in a stroller, there are available detachable baskets that can be purchased separately.

  1. Handlebar

There are two types of handlebar: single and umbrella. Single handlebar makes navigation easier, but the umbrella handles can make your stroller easier to fold.

Adjustability is also an important factor in selecting baby stroller. Check if the handlebar of your preferred stroller is adjustable as it is important so that you and your spouse can take turns in pushing the carriage if you have different heights.

  1. Seat reversibility

Some models allow you to direct where the babyfaces. For starters, you would want to have your toddler facing you so you can establish a loving and caring relationship, and so that you can watch him carefully. 

  1. Style

Of course, the looks of the product will still be the top bill when you do shopping. There are different designs available for every model that might suit your preferences while still retaining the qualities that made you liked the product at first.

  1. Budget

If you’ve laid out a specific budget, stick to it. Not all expensive strollers have the necessary features and buying a cheaper stroller won’t literally hurt you and your baby because there are still products that are of high quality. It’s not always the case that quality is directly proportional to the price, though.

  1. Warranty

Of course, you’d want to buy a stroller that has a long-term warranty so if there are any malfunctions, you can get repairs at a lower price or could be replaced if there’s a factory defect.

  1. Test Drive

Check the stroller you want to purchase fully loaded. Of course, you don’t have to bring your baby with you. You can improvise with things available in the immediate surroundings until you feel that the weight is your baby’s and the bag weight combined. All strollers are perfectly fine when empty but the differences will be noticeable once you load them up.


This covers the entirety of the stroller and is normally purchased along with the full-size stroller.

Rain cover stroller for babyMost of the strollers have this sun shield to protect the baby from the sun’s rays.

Canopy stroller for babyWith this accessory, your infant child can be more comfortable with the ride.

Head support stroller for babyaltA necessary accessory for you and your baby so you can place water or toys readily accessible within grasp.

Cup and food holders stroller for babyaltYou can hang your groceries when you place these hooks on the handlebar. Your stroller must be steady so it won’t tip over. They are sometimes purchased separately.

hooks stroller for babyalt


This ends the article about buying advice the best stroller for the baby. Think of buying one as a necessary long-term investment. The comfort and security of your baby in the future depends on how well did you choose at the present. With the right baby stroller, you can use it until a new baby comes your way.

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