All About Baby Keepsake Footprint

by Zobaer Haque Ehsanul
All About Baby Keepsake Footprint

This site has been established to provide you with various information concerning baby keepsake footprint such as what they are, how they are made, and then discussion into the different materials used.

There is also now a baby-related articles section, where we have a collection of articles that may be of interest to our target audience. This includes such topics as planning a baby shower, choosing baby names, budgeting for a baby, etc…

Articles are being added to this collection on a periodic basis so as time goes on we shall be adding more articles related to other topics such as stress, pregnancy, breast cancer, women, and so on and so forth.

What Are Keepsakes?

Keepsakes are objects that are kept due to their sentimental value. These can be anything from a photograph, lock of hair, or indeed an impression of a baby’s footprint or handprint.

How Are Baby Keepsake Footprint Made?

There are many different types of keepsakes and their price varies from $9 to $300+.

The majority of keepsakes are sold in the form of kits, where the actual process of obtaining the impression of the baby’s foot or hand is left to the customer. Usually, this is either done via the use of ink or non-toxic air-drying impression materials. Keepsake kits provide a cheap, quick, and fun way of obtaining a baby keepsake footprint and also gives you the added sense of satisfaction/achievement once you have the finished product.

That said it is possible to get a professional to produce keepsakes for you, although it is a more expensive and time-consuming (up to 10 weeks) process. Keepsakes produced by professionals are of high-quality and are much more aesthetically pleasing as much higher-quality materials are used compared to keepsake kits.

Each type of keepsake has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and these are discussed in the “Types of Keepsake” section. When reading over the information provided on this page you should try to keep in mind that keepsakes are long term investments and therefore the price should not be the main factor in determining which keepsake you choose.

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